Vibrating, Red-Eyed Bot.

I recently built these two tiny robots from coin cell batteries.  I love the coin cell battery holders because they let me solder a permanent connection to the pager motor.  My red-eyed bot actually has a switch, which I salvaged from some old electronics.  Some “helping hands” and a magnifying glass made the soldering fairly simple. This robot was made possible after viewing “How to Make a Mini Bug Robot.”

Coin cell robot with glowing red eyes.

Coin cell robot with glowing red eyes.

“Lenny”, shown below, is made from electronic components I salvaged from a variety of e-waste items.  His body is built from a pcb once inside a kid’s calculator. While Lenny lacks a switch, he makes up for it in character.


Coin cell robot with vibration motor.



What Has 2 Eyes and 4 Legs?

There are many ways to recycle the fans from unwanted electronics. Here’s one way our class gave new life to a supply of dusty fans. Simply break off 3 blades: the blades must be consecutive to create the wobble.  After removing the stickers from the fans (this would help the hot glue hold better), we attached a 9volt battery and a battery cap. We attached our wires to the correct leads from the fan and wrapped them in heat shrink.  A small alligator clip was attached to the positive lead to create a handy on/off connector.

IMG_6385 IMG_6387