Getting to Know Mr. Two Eyes

I was looking for a way to make a vibration robot from salvaged electrical components. I wanted the bot to simply vibrate across a surface and  wanted his electrical hook up to look tidy.  I made his body from a capacitor and soldered 4 resistors on for his legs. Note: It’s not necessary for all of his legs to touch the ground, in fact, he will tend to move more erratically if just 3 legs are in contact. 

I hot glued a small motor to the top of the capacitor, gluing a small object to the shaft to help wobble the bot. I then soldered the positive and negative leads to a coin cell battery holder.

I was able to hot glue two google eyes onto the motors leads (use just a little hot glue as too much will melt the back of the plastic eye). I think he’s quite attractive. Don’t you?

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